Project conceived and created with Alessandra Oro

"I've never had a classmate named Alessandra, but for 8 years, from sixth grade to high school, I knew that when a teacher asked Alessandra something, I had to answer."

"I thought I would go alone on certain occasions but the usual question where is your sister? That brought her back with me. "

21 months separate us, but we were raised as twins and the education we were given, balancing opportunities and feelings, created a psychological symbiosis in us, a deep bond between love and addiction.
Over the years we have discovered that it is difficult for us to find one of our beings without the other, despite knowing how important it is to try and succeed.
This project, conceived and implemented together, questions our relationship as sisters and our individuality. The images are contact sheets - with all the tics and manias of the people - and the similarities unite the frames are as many as the differences. In the photos are contained hidden memories, metaphors, fragments of life, references.

Io sono noi n.1

Io sono noi n.2

Io sono noi n.3

Io sono noi n.4

28 Piazza di Pietra Fine Art Gallery

Passpartout Prize

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